Quintin Gerard W. will be featured live on WWL-TV’s Morning Show with Eric Paulsen & Sally-Ann Roberts!

Wednesday Aug. 17th, 2011 7am – 9am!
WWL-TV/CBS New Orleans, LA
Website: www.wwltv.com

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6 Responses to Quintin Gerard W. will be featured live on WWL-TV’s Morning Show with Eric Paulsen & Sally-Ann Roberts
  1. The new CD has great music. My problem is that I bought the music from cdbaby. The file had or has a glitch. The times were wrong. The first track showed 6:35 but the music was only 4:35. Each track was like that. Each track had apx. 1:30-2:00 of dead space at the end of each track. I’m working with cdbaby to see if they can resolve the problem.

    • Hey Bryan…You are absolutely right! Apparently there was a glitch in the uploading of the Digital Files! This glitch has been corrected now and all of the Digital Files are perfect! I apologize for this and if you email me your address I will send you an autographed copy of the CD for being such a great guy! 🙂 Thanks! – Fnkysax!

  2. I seen you this morning it was great I hope to come out to the album releae party. I have one of your cds it was given to me as gift when I first moved to new orleans in 08′ I enjoyed that one for sure people asked me about the cd when I play it. I can say I am young’ 23″the genernation of dead soulful music but I love live music and I get the hope that music isnt DEAD when I listen to you,

    There is still real music out there
    big fam from Nc

  3. Ashley…

    Let me assure you that I am fully aware of your perception of Music these days. I also feel that “lack of soul” or “spirit” in today’s music! This is absolutely the reason why I write and produce the music I do! I always say …. “It’s better when you can feel the music instead of simply hearing the music!” Peace – Fnkysax!

  4. Quintin GW!!!!! You are amazing! I caught you on WWL while I was getting dressd for work & your music is fresh, upbeat, groovy & resounding. I can’t wait to purchase your cd’s for my father & I – he’s been a jazz lover forever (he would put jazz on & blast it thru the house while my siblings & I cleaned up, that was the only way we did it in peace & happily)! So, I couldn’t remember your name, so I just called the news station & they looked it up for me & gave me your website info. SO LOVIN YOUR MUSIC!


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