Before It’s Gone

Before It’s Gone

Before It’s Gone gets off to a seductive start with the sweet, soulfully atmospheric soprano ballads “Sweet Ladies” and “Words Can’t Explain,” then eases into a hypnotically trippy chill mode (complete with cool ambience, spacey sound effects and clever sax- flute harmonizing) on an invitation to “Buy That Ring.”

A lovely and soothing female voice invites the listener to experience “Nighttime Pleasures” during a brief but emotional interlude that leads to the other side of the coin on the reflective and slightly melancholy beauty of “When Things Don’t Go So Well.” Dramatic film score and lush ambience meets some of Quintin’s dynamic sax improvisations on the melodic, vocal-laden title track before the saxman eases into the upbeat, lighthearted call during these trying times to “Be Happy People.”

He was studying calculus when he wrote “The Asymptote,” a throwback to high energy 90s house music whose title refers to two lines which come together but never quite touch—a romantic metaphor! Quintin taps into his love of gospel on the uptempo “Our Day Will Come,” then adds graceful flute touches to the thought provoking, futuristic ballad “Nevada Nights”; while Quintin handles the album’s keyboards himself, the throwback track called “Like This, Like That” features a lovely Rhodes piano solo by Eric Nicholas.

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